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Original artwork provided (with permission) by Muhammad Yungai

About the Network

The Du Boisian Scholar Network is a community of scholars who identify as working in a Du Boisian mode of thought. This is broadly defined as scholarship that understands race and racialization to be primary constitutive elements of modern society. Graduate students and faculty who believe emancipation and liberation are the primary goals of knowledge production are strongly encouraged to join the Networkeven if their current research does not center on race or racialization.

In addition to establishing an intellectual agenda to pursue these goals, the Network is committed to supporting and legitimizing the work of young scholars, particular scholars of color who aim to expand the boundaries of scholarly inquiry. This includes connecting self-identified Du Boisian scholars with one another to create extra-institutional support systems for junior scholars, as well as incorporating the work of Du Bois and other radical scholars into curricula of higher education institutions across the United States.




Aldon Morris
Northwestern University

José Itzigsohn
Brown University

Marcus Anthony Hunter
University of California, Los Angeles

Kimberly Kay Hoang
University of Chicago

Michael Rodríguez-Muñiz
Northwestern University

Karida Brown
University of California, Los Angeles

Tina M. Park
Project Coordinator
Brown University


 Northwestern University

Northwestern University


UPDATE: Click here for additional details about the May Convening

In August 2016, nearly 40 scholars gather at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association to initiate a discussion about the purpose of the Du Boisian Scholar Network. Acutely aware of the people who were not part of this first conversation, we agreed to reconvene in 2018 with a more diverse base of participants.

We invite scholars to Northwestern University on May 18-19, 2018 to deliberate and build consensus on the mission, vision, and organizational structure of the Network. The May Convening will create space for community-building, critical reflection, and intellectual exchange among scholars who work within a Du Boisian tradition.

Please click on the link below to find out more information registration, discounted hotel rates, and the tentative agenda.


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